Lotus  is a fast growing Public Relations firm in Indonesia.
Dream flourishes into an ambition and eventually makes it ways into reality, two people full of dreams and determination started this business, in 2002. Driven by real practice experience in journalism, PR program and Brand Management for years, Lotus support various clients enggaging in Brand and Corporate reputation campaign, as well as community development.


Mission / Philosophy

Lotus flower has inspired us to grow beautifully in various environment. Amid relatively harsh environment, Lotus grows with integrity and delivers positive values to surrounding  quality of life. That inspires us to have 5 values as reflected in Lotus logo.

Lotus Approach

Lotus work with client with five principles:

  1. Positive Energy: As Lotus philosophy to inspire positive energy, we want clients and their stakesholder feel comfortable with the output agreed. Output that positive for all parties involved.
  2. Active Listening: With client, we develop integrated healthy check to have complete picture of diagnose. Hence, Lotus set up performance indicator in a high standard and propose creative solution.
  3. Clear and Simplicity: It is not always a big campaign we need to do but sometimes one simple low cost action could be a wise option.
  4. Environtment Feedback: Quiet often success can be derived from partners and networking support. The role of Key Opinion Leader, prominent person or just ordinary people is decisive in reaching a high standard of success.
  5. Expertise and Balance: Lotus’ very talented-high experienced-multi discipline staff to listen, and to give professional balance opinion to have clear analysis for client and stakesholder interes.